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Ms. Jacqueline Horne, Owner & Innkeeper, Waipio Wayside Inn, Hawaii
I give Julie my highest recommendation, she is an extraordinary woman, craftsperson and business professional. I have had the opportunity & pleasure to work with over the last two years. Julie is an excellent craftsperson who I have found to be always honest and completely ethical in our work dealings. In my experience, when she has made a commitment, she has consistently followed through as planned. She is a self-starter who always asks "What's next?" followed by simply going ahead and doing what needs doing! If you are looking for someone to do a cheap and quick job do not look here. Julie does the job “right” the first time and keeps you informed of any “problems” that need fixing and then completes the job in the most economical way. I meet Julie many years ago when she was hired to paint my roof. And actually waited for her to move to Hawaii before I started restoration work on my 1932 bed and breakfast. Julie is a master painter and also has excellent carpentry skills. She has never turned down a job request and has always done excellent professional work. The reader of this letter is invited to contact me at any time and I will gladly give Julie my highest recommendation: www.waipiowayside.com

Betty Gene Garman P.T., M.P.H., Honokaa, Hawaii
There's no job too big or too small - Julie Potratz can fix it all. I met Julie in Honokaa, Hawaii while she was employed by a local contractor and working in Honomu. I needed to return to Gulfport, Florida to put my vintage Art Deco Duplex on the market. Needless to say, the Duplex needed repairs both inside and outside. Renters had damaged the front corner of the building, the front porch ceiling on the same side, was falling down. An enclosure for an air conditioning unit on the front of the house was never completed. At the rear entrance on the other side of the duplex, was the porch floor cave in from wood rot. Julie needed to rebuild the floor and support structures plus retile the floor with ceramic tiles. The roof gutter were clogged with leaves and after the rains caused streaking of a green hue on the previously white paint on the outside of the duplex. After tedious pressure washing and prep work, the final outside paint job transformed the duplex from shabby to sparkling. One of the kitchens had dark cabinets and her suggestion of white painting, transformed the entire kitchen. She repaired and painted the inside of the duplex, as needed. The job required more than a months work, on a daily basis from sunrise to sunset. I originally paid in the low 70's for a "fixer-upper" and put in additional $100,000.00 for renovations before Julie was hired. I sold the Duplex in October 2005 for $294,900.00. I would highly recommend Julie Potratz for painting, carpentry work and restoration/remolding. Most of all, I thank her for being "The Transformer!"

Nanci Gerstman, Kirkland, Washington
I know that Big Island Bobcat is tops in carpentry, problem solving, and cleanup. The work that Julie Potratz did at my home is beyond expectation. She not only found a salvage place which had materials for my home at bargain prices, she quickly discovered which local stores in our area had the best buys and the best quality. Then, as she worked, she found problems with rot in my home that we didn't even know about, and fixed the wall and ceiling so that we couldn't even tell that anything had been torn apart and replaced. She painted everything also, so that no "fixit" spots showed. Then she caulked the bathtub and toilet. Everything that Julie did was masterful and solidly built, even the post anchoring the railing anchored in the cement of our staircase outside, which is now providing my 73 year old husband the ability and confidence to climb up and down the steps to his front door, up and down the steps to his bathroom, up and down the steps to his family room, and up and down the steps to his bedroom. You see, Julie put in railings for all the staircases, on each side of the walls. They railings are even with each other, painted and solidly bracketed into studs. She put safety railings and posts in the bathrooms. She built solid shelves in an empty space in the family room, and painted them. She bracketed shelves in shoddy previously built closets. She replaced hardware on doors so that they worked, finally. And, to top off everything, I never found a speck of sawdust when I came home. All my paintbrushes were in good condition. All the paint was back in place. All the borrowed tools were returned. I recommend Julie for any carpentry job you may have. She is a delightful joyful person who brings a positive spirit and a more than competent skill to her work. Thanks Julie for a job well done, beyond all expectations!

Jacobine Hoorweg, Amstelveen, Netherlands
Julie Potratz made us wooden "horse-saddle" chair and a body table for my Alexander Technique practice . The horse-saddle chair and table are used intensively in our Alexander Technique Training Course. Julie completed the project on time, was neat and professional. I recommend Julie whole heartily as a carpenter. Worthwhile mentioning, is that she cleaned up after finishing the project. I could not have done better.

Wanya F. Kruyer, Amstelveen, Netherlands
Doing reconstruction work for my garden home in Amstelveen, I got to know Julie Potratz as a dedicated and skillful carpenter. Her creative side, I learned when Julie assisted me to install a visual art show. Facing the limited time we had, her perseverance and energy made us meet the deadline.

Sharon O'Connor, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Julie Potratz has worked as a carpenter/painter in my flat on a few occasions. She always arrived on time, knew what she was doing, offered practical solutions to the projects I needed done, did a good job, worked quickly, and cleaned up when she was finished. Couldn't have asked for more than that!

Wolfgang Schreiber, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for all the amazing work you've done over the last two years! Working together with you on the installation of my multimedia exhibit in Los Angeles and San Francisco was a wonderful experience! With your talents in carpentry and photography we were the ideal team, working efficiently, even under stress. I look forward to creating new exhibitions with you in the near future.

Lennie St. Luce, Amsterdam Netherlands

My daughter and I lived in a very small apartment I wanted the space in her bedroom better utilized and more attractive, but was unsure how. Julie interpreted my vague ideas into a beautiful child-friendly fitted bedroom. She not only incorporated my ideas, she added extra features which I hadn't thought of. She works in a concise, environment friendly manner, is considerate to time, money and space constrictions, recycling materials when and if possible, which I admire greatly. Julie is honest, hardworking and friendly.

Frank Stevens, Amsterdam "Old-West Quarter"
I obtained a municipal license to rent a small appartment in Amsterdam Oud-West. It was dirty, dingy, dark and grubby, and hadn't been renovated for more than 20 years. I didn't have much money nor time to fix it. During nearly 2 months it took to complete, Julie handled the job in a superior and uplifting way. She built new ceilings in the bathroom and kitchen. Removing 8 layers of wall paper, remodeled, prepared and painted the new plaster walls. Repaired 4 wall closets. Hid original ugly tiling in the bathroom with bathroom-proof paint. Laid a new corridor floor. Sanded a ruined parquet flooring. Inserted flashy steel wall coverings in the kitchen to effectively hide flaws, giving it a high-tec appearance. She knew where to buy what, and what to rent where - at the lowest possible cost. She worked late and weekends in order to meet deadlines. I will never forget Julie's zest and energy. She was fun to work with, and never grumbled - and this job wasn't easy! I recommend Julie as a competent, very hardworking, all-round carpenter, fitter and painter!